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Quality repairs and service.

Expert well drilling to keep your water running.

Make sure you always have running water when you need it! With over 67 years in business, you can rely on us to give you professional well drilling and repair. Wells can last up to 30 years, so count on us for the maintenance and repairs you need to keep your well running longer.

Get great deals on all your well drilling and repair.

From homes to businesses to farms, we can drill or repair any well on your property.

  • 4" - 5" wells
  • Well drilling and repair
  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Farms
  • Irrigation systems

Water Well, Pump and Tank Service

Priority well service is available for "no water" conditions or leaking pipes.

We service all brands of water pumps and pressure tanks and stock most parts needed to get your system working again.

In cases where water well pumps are located inside buildings or on difficult terrain, we have specialized remotely operated hydraulic portable pump pulling equipment capable of servicing these hard-to-reach pumps.

Constant Pressure Pumping Systems

Are you experiencing low pressure from your well pumping system? Whether you want high water pressure from a new water well system or would like to improve the pressure of your existing pumping system, a VFD Constant Pressure system is a great way to go and we can help. Constant pressure products, bring the kind of high water pressure found in city water systems to your new or existing home or business well.

Geothermal Open Loop Systems

If you're exploring options for geothermal heating system, we can test your existing water well pumping system to determine if your pump is producing enough water to supply a new geothermal furnace. If your water pressure is adequate, we will design a pump control system that will meet the special demands of an open loop system while protecting your pump from unnecessary wear. If you need more water for your open loop system than your current pump can provide, we will test your well's capability and recommend a pump and variable speed pump control that will operate your geothermal system at peak efficiency without detracting from your household water supply. Along with the extra water supply provided by a constant pressure system, there is the benefit of knowing that your pump is operating at maximum efficiency, which helps keep pump wear to a minimum.

Water Well Abandonments

All water wells that are no longer in service must be properly abandoned per Michigan DEQ specifications. We have grouting equipment to perform up-to-code well abandonment with bentonite or cement grout. Whether it is a 1 1/4 diameter stab well in a basement or a 3 foot diameter dug well that's 100 years old, we have the right equipment plug your out-of-service well.

Water Well Rehabilitation

We specialize in bringing your old, underperforming well back to like-new performance. We're experts at well screen cleaning in 4"-5" diameter wells.


Well drilling | Sparta, MI | Bell Well Drilling, LLC | 616-889-4748

Reliable well drilling and repair that will last. Call for an estimate on a new well.


Well drilling | Sparta, MI | Bell Well Drilling, LLC | 616-889-4748	Well drilling | Sparta, MI | Bell Well Drilling, LLC | 616-889-4748	Water pumps | Sparta, MI | Bell Well Drilling, LLC | 616-889-4748
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